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The Conservative – Christian

That would be me!

It might also be you – Question are you a Conservative or a Christian?

Now I am not talking about your basic RINO type conservative who 35 years ago would have been called a liberal.  Today what passes for a liberal 35 years ago would have been called a socialist and when McCarthy was in office would have been branded a communist.  No I am talking about a constitution loving red blooded American Patriot!

Pastor George Cook

Don’t expect to hear any liberal nonsense here!

As for the Christian part we are talking about bible believing and bible practicing believers here.  Not “church folk” (people who wear their religion like a cheap suit and generally make others feel terrible)or the CrEasters (folks that show up at church on Christmas and Easter).  If you believe then you better live it you know all that WWJD kind of stuff!

Well if you are one or the other or both you will probably like everything that is posted here and if you are not you will no doubt use my writings to prove that the TEA Party is indeed out of control.  Either way WELCOME!

America is lost – Liberalism is a disease and it is plunging our once great nation rapidly into “third-worldism).  Tell me how long can we maintain an ever growing welfare / entitlement state on taxes generated by our #1 product – fast food hamburgers?  Personally I remember when we used to do things like forge steel and make cars in the USA.  I remember when folks went to church on Sunday EVERY SUNDAY I remember a day when we knew right from wrong and good from evil – Heck we even knew who the good guys were – US.  Not so much anymore!

Our rights are eroded our morals are weak and our nation is in a shambles.  The cure is found in conservative values and the powerful name of Jesus.


Stay tuned


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