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New Year: A New Resolution of Compassion

With the New Year finally upon us, the big 2K17, now is the time when most people will be considering new resolutions. Always looking for a way to improve. Whether they be losing weight, getting back in touch with someone, improving yourself through little tests and trials.

But, let’s face it, most of the resolutions people make, will not be accomplished. It is sad to say, but certainly doesn’t negate the facts.

So I offer a brand new type of resolution. One that has nothing to do with losing weight, spending less/saving more, getting organized, or enjoying life to the fullest. Which were the top four of 2015.

Everything in our society has become so superficial. Since cellphones became so important, that they have consumed most of the population; it is hard to think of anything to improve beyond ourselves.

The millennials make this even more obvious. Documenting every single second of their lives, for likes, comments, and shares. But what are they really gaining from this? Honestly, lower self-esteem, lower confidence, and lower social skills. And all three of these impact more parts of their lives than they care to realize or acknowledge.

So this year, why don’t we take a new path? Why not try something brand new, a resolution or set of goals that are completely different than what we have been making every single year for the past XX amount of years.

A New, New Resolution

You may be wondering, what the heck is this crazy lady talking about? The whole point of a resolution is to improve OURSELVES, to be better at something that WE deem worthy of our time.

But maybe it doesn’t and shouldn’t be. With how selfish society has become with the mask of acceptance and tolerance, it should become more about what we can do that impacts more than just ourselves.

The type of New Year’s Resolution the world needs these days is for people to be more kind in all of their ways.

  • Find your local homeless shelter, and donate some canned food. For a hefty bag of food it shouldn’t cost more than $10-20 bucks. And that food will go a long way.
  • Donate a bag of food to the county human society. I, personally, have always felt that there is nothing that reflects better on a person than how they help those that cannot help themselves. Because at this point, you are doing something with no interest in receiving anything in return, and that is TRUE kindness.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen for a few hours.
  • Donate children’s books to a local orphanage.
  • Volunteer at the Children’s hospital.
  • Pay it forward. Do a kindness every single day, even if it is small. Write it down, and keep it in a jar, so next year you can read about all of the little things you did for people over the past year. And realize how much that little thing could impact more than just yourself.
  • Witness to people, pray over strangers, and let them know how Christ can help them with their daily struggles, and major hardships. This is the best gift anyone can give, it takes only a little bit of time, but it can drastically change a person’s life, and I can personally attest to that.
  • Be a little nicer, a little more patient, a little more understanding, but most of all, be a little more kind.

Those are just a few, but you get the point.

Everyone these days has become so greedy and cruel that when we do something for another person our first thought is: ‘Well, if I do that for them, what will I get in return?’

No one does anything these days without a clear purpose, goal, or return on their ‘investment of time’. And if you ask me, that is just sad.

We should be kind to each other, just because it’s the right thing to do. Being kind isn’t a show of weakness or a lesser internal strength. Quite the opposite, showing kindness, without expecting anything in return is the ultimate show of character and compassion. Something this world needs.

Helping a person (or animal) that is worse off should make you feel stronger, knowing that you were able to help a person with a couple dollars, or a little bit of food. It should make you feel like a better person knowing that you helping someone that 1000’s of other people simply walked by without even glancing their way.

It is a true show of character, doing something for someone, knowing they can never ‘return the favor’ because at that point, you know that you are doing it for simply their sake, not yours.

The world needs a little more compassion, and a lot more kindness.

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Illiteracy in the US

Today as I was scrolling through a few internet pages on a bit of down time I had, I was looking at an article discussing the American Education System, and how progressively, every single year we have declined in the world education ranking.

Out of forty countries that are measured for education, the US is ranked 14th, but if we include the curve that is given to the students it is more rightfully placed in the position of 17th.

I’m sure some people out there might say, “Hey, well that is not all that bad I suppose, at least we are not last.” That is the exact thinking and level of expectation that has put us all the way in 17th.

For a country that enjoys and even becomes overly proud of the fact that we are ‘so much better’ than other countries, I find 17th to be just plain old embarrassing.

But what else could be expected?

No Child Left Behind has made it impossible for teachers, Principals, and schools in general to actually educate our youth.

20% of kids that graduated high school in 2015 were illiterate. TWENTY PERCENT! It’s such a staggering number that it’s almost unbelievable.

And of course the teachers are pegged as the scapegoat and central problem. We are creating an environment where it is impossible for kids to learn, impossible for teachers to teach, and worse than that, nothing is even being done about it.

The problems just get swept under the rug, and everyone continues on with their lives ignoring the fact that these kids are graduating high school and can’t read, and are then forced to work jobs that never get them out of that rut.

We are breeding a generation of under-educated kids, who have been forced to become under-achievers.

And where does this all come from? I mean, we pay taxes, and a portion of that money is supposed to go to the local school system to help with expenses, but what improvements do we really see with the money being contributed by thousands of taxpayers?

The high school I went to did not have adequate heat, there was no air conditioning, barely enough books for all of the students, and my school/graduating class was small in comparison to the school that was 30 minutes away.

The nicer school was in a wealthier area, so of course I expect them to have nicer things, because it was enormous, the size of a college campus, and just as daunting. But the differences were almost unbelievable.

I personally, have never been one to EVER blame a teacher for the success/failure of a student, I mean logically, if a student does not do their work, how can they expect to succeed without putting in the work to do so? But the curriculum that teachers are now forced to follow is sickening, to say the least.

They literally have ZERO control of their classroom, they do no get to decide assignments, number of tests, content of tests, nor the books they want students to read from, or even what they even want to teach/emphasize to the students.

Their entire job is monitored, scrutinized, and even ‘sit ins’ are common (A faculty member will sit in and observe the class to make sure the teacher is doing their job properly).

And this is supposed to inspire people? How can a person be excited to do their job if they are constantly under fire for doing THEIR JOB. I am quite certain that no one wants to have someone breathing down their neck or against their back as they are trying to do their daily work. It becomes unbearable in a hurry. And even worse, teachers are still blamed for the failure of students. I have seen it/read about it many times that parents will go in and the conversation will ensue:

Mom: Why is Jimmy failing?

Teacher: Well, Jimmy doesn’t do his homework, and he doesn’t pay attention in class, and he doesn’t do well on tests.

Mom: Well it is your fault, how can you fail him? He is such a good boy, you are ruining his life and future. ETC.

How a parent can blame a teacher is just completely beyond me.

It’s the system. We do not create an environment in which kids can learn and teachers can educate, everything is set at one pace, so it is impossible to slow down for the kids who need more help, and impossible to speed up for the kids who learn quickly.

It’s all about the numbers. Schools need good standardized test scores to rank well to receive more aid, because it’s disgusting to say that the schools with higher average test scores get more money, but it is a heinous truth.

So the less educated continue to receive less. Yes, that makes sense (sarcasm).

And as a logical fact, I would think that every single year as a whole, humanity becomes more educated, learning new things whether they be on a scientific level, environmental, or simply just general observations. So, logically, our kids should be getting more intelligent with every generation. But that is not the case, unfortunately.

Not to mention Common Core, Tracking, and Red Lining, which are completely different topics and posts saved for another date.

Just let that sink in, 20% of kids who graduate cannot read. How the heck did they graduate then? Kids get pushed through the system because it is all a numbers game, no one cares about these kids, and even if they did the system is rigged against them, and THAT is the problem.

^^^^^^^ Some facts about Illiteracy in the US^^^^^^^

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